About Us

On the Road | In the Water | Through the Mountains

“Vision without action is just daydreaming“

Safetti is a family owned and operated company located in beautiful Medellin, Colombia!

We have been in business for 15 years and have been supplying and inspiring athletes all around the world since. Safetti has a continuing commitment contributing to economic development, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families. 

We provide an incentive for every employee of ours that commutes to work riding their bikes!

We are an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible company that makes decisions and lifestyles to benefit our Earth.

 We use paperless methods and recycled products for all of our day to day supplies and believe that one by one, we can change the world.

We believe in and love what we do; Safetti exemplifies the standard of excellence that has evolved over years in conjunction with cycling, triathlon, BMX downhill and running champions.

Our products are designed carefully and meticulously manufactured with the highest quality standards.

We use innovative materials and the latest performance-enhancing technologies. We offer accuracy, comfort and performance that will always be in style In the world of sports. We are extremely committed to excellence and customer service and we guarantee the best quality with all of our products.

Tested In The Real World By Real Athletes

Day after day we study the way we design and manufacture sportswear based on ideas from around the world. We evaluate and compare and then decide our own "how" and "why".

15 Years And Counting

Since 2005 we have worked very hard so that athletes all around the world feel that they have a special advantage on the road, in the water, or through the mountains. Our products are recognized from afar and at first sight to those who decide to be Equal to None.

The look you deserve has never been so close