Advance - Bio Lotto Sleeveless Triathlon Skinsuit AquaZero
Advance - Lotto Sleeveless ITU Triathlon Skinsuit

Advance - Lotto Olympic Sleeveless Triathlon Skinsuit

Lotto Olympic Sleeveless Trisui.  A one piece garment designed to reduce resistance and improve aerodynamics using the perfect combination of  AquaZero™ with very high water resistance and very low liquid absorption and Kinesis™ technology, an ultra light, water proof fabric and hydrodynamic. With no zipper and open back which allows it to fit perfectly to women's anatomy.  (Italian padding special for triathlon and designed for the whole race.  Comfortable enough to swim, bike and run. It has the proper cushion for key pressure points.  Anatomical design based on scientifically tested parameters an in compliance with the athletes's anthropometric specs.  Antibacterial high quality, long lasting foams, shock and vibration protection, excellent breathability with maximum elasticity to respond to the athlete's movements. Rapid sweat absorption).

*AquaZero™ technology.
* Resistant to repeated uses and launderings.
* Kinesis™ fabric on the main body of the bottoms.
* Olympic back with internal lining for better coverage and protection.
* Side pockets in open mesh.
* GCC: Gripper Clean Cut Power Band
* Italian padding special for triathlon.
* Imported inks free of azoic components harmful to skin (Azo Free)

* Type: Skinsuit
* Cut: Women
* Men/Women Size: 2XS - XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL- 4XL-5XL

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Advance - Lotto Olympic Sleeveless Triathlon Skinsuit ...